Kaş (pronounced Kash), once an unspoiled fishing village, is now a relatively unspoiled tourist town on the southern bulge of Turkey's Mediterranean coast two hours' drive southeast of Fethiyeand three hours' drive southwest of Antalya.  With a population of 7,000 Kaş is not a “Turkish resort” in the same way that Bodrum or Marmaris are. It has no Red Lion pubs or steak-and-chips houses. It has Greek-style houses bedecked with purple bougainvillea on narrow cobbled streets, an attractive harbour, friendly locals with a quick wit, and tree-lined tea gardens where the winter hours are pleasantly whiled away playing backgammon, chatting and imbibing endless glasses of tea.

Another part of its charm comes from Kaş's unhurried ambience. Because it is hours away from the Mediterranean's two major airports (Antalya and Dalaman), it gets fewer visitors than towns that are more quickly accessible.

Ruins of the ancient town of Antiphellos mix with modern buildings in Kas. This in keeping with the fact that the whole of the coastal area between Antalya and Fethiye is rich in ancient remains from both Lycian and Roman civilisations. This then makes Kas a good base for exploring the plentiful ancient Lycian cities and archaeological sites such as Demre (Kale)Patara, Xanthos (Kınık), Letoon, Saklıkent and Tlos all of which are within easy striking distance.

Across the water to the south lies the Greek island of Meis or Kastellorizo to the Greeks. Meis is only a matter of 7km away so it is easily possible to go there for a day trip.

Kaş and its hinterland is also a geographically rich area. The plains, lakes, forests, springs and caves formed by the extensions of the Taurus Mountains are both beautiful and ideal for many activities. There are great opportunities for some pleasant and environment friendly activities such as trekking, climbing, rafting, paragliding and camping.

Kaş is also a well known diving centre. In the town centre, there are a number of diving schools offering programs on scuba and open-water diving. For those who prefer a more relaxing lifestyle there are many bays and beaches along the coast of Kas.

Unlike many resorts Kaş does not become a ghost town in the winter time, although some of the bars and restaurants do close down others stay open for business and there is still a feel of a properly functioning town in the winter months. Kaş’s winter climate is like a sweet spoilt child who throws sporadic tantrums: sunny and warm or raging a tremendous storm which can sink boats. The storms are thankfully few and last only a night or two; the following day the sun always shines.