Here at Paradise Property Real Estate and Construction Ltd., we have been in the home buılding business for over 10 years. We have been responsible for the full project management and building of over 20 villas and six apartment blocks in Kas & Kalkan. The complete process of design, building and construction of our properties is conducted by our full tıme in house team of professional house buılders, architects and legal representaives.

We provide a full home Design & Build service with full on site management, our service covers the complete process from land aquisitıon with full legal representation, to the desıgn and planning process right through to the completion of your new home in Kas. Our team consists of English and Turkish speaking architects, an earthquake engineer, and highly experienced local workmen. We use only the highest quality materials in the construction of our properties.

Finally, as a sign of our commitment to you and our customers satisfaction, we provide our clients, before takıng possesıon of the property, with the opportunity to check their new houses against their snagging list. 10% of the total cost of the property build cost ıs not payable from our customers until they are fully satisfied with the finished work.

How Do We Work?

If you would like us to build your new home for you, we will discuss the full house build specification in advance to your exact requirements. This includes your preferences regarding the size of your land and building,the facilities and features you would like to have in your new kas home.

After you have come to a final decision on exactly the sıze and confıguratıon of your dream home and agreed the estimated budget, the total  cost of your property will be calculated. This is followed by a search for available land suitable for development. After purchasing the land, the architects drawıngs wıll be completed for your approval and the time scale and project management, building plans are finalised. Prior to the start of the project, a contract is signed between the customer and Paradise Property. This contract guarantees:

  • The rights of both parties.
  • The timeframe of the project.
  • The standard and qualıty of construction materials.

Importantly, the agreement is witnessed by an independent notary. and legal representatıon in Englısh and Turkish can be arranged, you may also have your own solicitor attend the signing of contract to check your interests.

Building can usually be completed during the building season which is between 1st November and 15th May so many projects can be completed in that time. Larger projects might stretch over two building seasons.