Home Management Services

As Paradise Property Real Estate and Construction Ltd, we have built many villas and apartment blocks. After much demand amongst our customers became apparent, we have become involved in the home management business. We can provide a comprehensive Home Management service for your property which will give you peace of mind whilst you are away. If you need management services, come along and sign a Home Management contract with us. Paradise Property’s professional team will take care of your home as if it is their own.

Home Management Tariff 

Our prices vary depending on the services you would like from us. We set a price on receipt of your requirements and after an on-site inspection at your property. In general, our prices range from £250 to £600 per property per annum, and they are charged either in cash, after signing of the contract, or in two instalments at the end of every six months. Based on the type and location of the property, our home management tariff is as below;

  • £500 per annum for villas located in Kaş or within its 10 km (6.21 miles) perimeter
  • £600 per annum for villas located outside 10 km perimeter of Kaş
  • £250 per annum for apartments located in Kaş or within its 10 km perimeter
  • £350 per annum for apartments located outside 10 km perimeter of Kaş

Our management fees cover the above mentioned services only. Any other service, which is not listed under our Home Management Package, is subject to different pricing.

In your Paradise account, you should have a sufficient balance for the payment of your monthly bills. Otherwise, any payment made by Paradise Property on your behalf, will be entitled to daily interest at the bank rate until full payment is received. 

Pool, garden and cleaners costs vary depending on the changes in labour and equipment costs

Other Services provided by Paradise Property include;

  • Pool Care, Repair and Makeovers
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Works
  • Marble and Tile Works
  • Garden Maintenance (Arrangement/Landscaping, Planting, Fertilizing)
  • Carpentry Works
  • Roof Repairs
  • Rock and Paving Works
  • Fireplace and Wrought Iron Works
  • Painting and Plastering

Rental Properties

We will manage the rental of your property. Each booking for rental properties involves a charge. This fee is determined by the services you may require, and they can include meet and greet organisation, cleaning services, key handover etc.

Our Home Management Package for Properties consists of five different services. These are;

Bills & Payment Management
This service involves the monitoring and the payment of your monthly water, electricity, telephone and internet bills, and other expenditures such as property tax, insurance and apartment maintenance fee. If you wish, a detailed statement of all payments will be delivered to you by e-mail, on a monthly basis. Additionally, all of your payment slips will be kept in a private folder and can be viewed by you at any time.
Garden and Pool Management
This service covers the communication with and the supervision of Poolman/Gardener’s duties. Wages for gardener/poolman are not included in the management fee. However, they will be paid by Paradise Property, along with other regular bills, to be charged to the customer later. Again, a detailed statement of these payments will be e-mailed to you every month.
Routine Property Check
This service is the monthly check of all physical conditions at your property. Additionally, in case of unforeseen conditions such as storms and heavy rains, your property will be checked by our team right away. Any problem that may occur after our inspections will be reported to you.
Cleaning Services
This service include the cleaning of your property prior to your arrival and after your departure. Cleaning fees vary according to the size of properties, and are thus priced separately.
Repair, Maintenance and Consultancy
This service includes the arrangement of various services such as painting, plumbing and electrical work for the customer. Additionally any kind of repairs which may become evident and require prompt action will be reported to you.